Read About our Shipping Updates

To Our Valued Customers,

As we are sure you have seen- there have be an increase in shipping costs and supply chain issues since the pandemic. While things are getting back to “normal”, shipping companies have increasing shipping costs across the board. Including raising prices this holiday season for shipping during the months of October to December. Unfortunately that means increased cost to you, to reduce this please try to shop locally at one of our partner store locations. You may find their location information on our website.

As you may have heard businesses through every industry have been experiencing supply and delivery issues. This is especially affecting small businesses that order supplies on a much smaller scale, making us have a harder time sourcing supplies. Throughout the pandemic we have had to change our vessels, wicks and suppliers numerous times. Including receiving products from as far as the West Coast- which you guessed it, leads to longer time in production as we await supplies and unfortunately increased cost to you as product prices and shipping costs have sky rocketed. We have strived to just barely raise pricing and to find comparable vessels/supplies to keep our products as affordable and cohesive as possible. 


We have experienced numerous issues over the years sourcing our vessels. At this time* we are able to get our hands on all of our vessels! So if we should have trouble sourcing them from our manufacturers, we will certainly do our best to make comparable replacements. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience and changes. Know that we are very upset but unfortunately this is part of running a small business during a pandemic. We thank you for your constant support and encouragement. And cant wait for things to be back to "normal".



Arnold Acres

*Updated as of 11/1/2022