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Our Fall and Winter Collection is now available online and in stores! Wax melts come in a six piece snap clamshell. Approx 2.5oz.

Please select the scent in the drop down.

Each Arnold Acres wax melt is hand-poured using pure, American grown soy wax infused with phthalate- free premium fragrance oils.

Wax Melt Care: 


Most wax melts will warm in an electric warmer with a strong scent throw ranging anywhere from 4-8 hours, depending on the scent, size of your wax melt, and whether you're burning your wax melt continuously or in intervals.

Simply break off/pop out a cube and place it inside the warmer. Its not necessary to use more than one melt at a time. Once you have placed the wax melts in the burner, do not add water or oil to your wax melts. Follow the instructions on your specific burner/model warmer. 

Once the wax has cooled, you will either need to scrape the wax out of your melting dish, discard the liner, or—if you have a warmer with a silicone dish—gently nudge your dish from behind to pop the wax out! Just be sure not to discard used wax down the drain. To clean your wax warmer, take a paper towel and wipe down the area where you inserted the wax. For an easy clean, you can use a warm, moist, soapy sponge or soft cloth to clean the dish inside. Wipe down with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners that can cause wear to your wax warmers.

**Please note, soy wax is much softer than beeswax or paraffin blends. You may notice it is lumpy/doesn’t break as clean as other melts. Rest assured these are qualities of 100% soy wax products. Most wax melts feature blends of wax to make it easier to “pop” out of clamshells. We stand behind using our premium soy wax with the same signature Arnold Acres fragrance found in our hand poured candles.   

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